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Tùy chỉnh
Operations Control & Optimization Manager

Job brief

The Operations Control & Optimization Manager is responsible for compliance, stability, scalability, and effectiveness of the company’s business operations; by establishing, managing, and optimizing the workflow,  SOP, SLA… for the Ops department (lead) and the company (coordinate); conducting anti-fraud, anti-money-laundering measures; and preparing business contingency operating plan. 

The position needs to secure and monitor the daily operations of the division; to provide leadership and guidance to the subordinates to ensure both the deliveries and the division’s stability and development.  

The position reports to the Head of Operations and works close to the company management board.

Key responsibilities and duties

  • Achieving the Operation Excellence OKR and KPI that are given by the company management board;
  • Developing the ability and capability of the unit to meet the business requirement, ensure the scalability of the services;
  • Leading the development and the continuous improvement of the division’s workflow, SOP, SLA in order to provide better services in a more effective way;
  • Providing coordination and be the owner of the company’s SOP;
  • Conducting supervision and assessment on SOP, SLA compliance, and managing consequence;
  • To support and execute the policy/decision/plan of the company risk steering committee; to identify operational risks, provide counter-measures and plans, budget, conduct risk evaluating and learning, provide the coworkers training and guideline to minimize the risk;
  • Be responsible for business contingency: to prepare scenarios, response-plan, recovery-plan, and test the plans via mock-event exercises, continuously review and improve the plan in according to the environment changing or the launching of new product/service; 
  • Be responsible for anti-fraud, anti-money-laundering: to ensure the system and service legal compliance, identify the risk of fraud/AML, prepare and develop the tool/process to detect and manage the fraudulent transaction/user, conduct fraud-handling protocol, well collaborate with partners, the State Bank, and police on anti-fraud and AML activities;
  • Quantitatively monitoring customer satisfaction level, independently conducting research, analyzing to improve customer happiness and engagement (NPS/CSAT).
  • Be an active contributor to the research and development of the products, app features, services, customer-related policies, and processes.
  • Other assigned program, initiative.

What we offer

  • Dynamic and joyful working environment, we also seriously invest in HR development; 
  • Working equipment as required for you to do your job;
  • Cute office, fancy building, in a prime location;
  • Annual salary range from 300Mn - 600Mn VND, comes with other perks.
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